1KZ-TE Throttle Body + TPS sensor delete. Anyone successfully done this?

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Apr 3, 2022
Adelaide, South Australia
Title says it all. With the EGR and butterfly removed from the throttle body, what purpose does the TPS and throttle body now serve?

Reason for wanting to remove is partly to simplify the engine by removing unnecessary electronics but primarily to create more room for a new top mount intercooler piping.
You will need further modifications to make this work, as the TPS is the sole signal the ECU requires to control the flow of fuel through the electronic controlled fuel pump. As you may have found, the throttle linkage is not directed to the fuel pump at all, it is directed to the butterfly valve but also the TPS (important).
Thanks for your response. Sounds like it's not worth touching, which is a bummer. I spoke to an auto electrician the other day and he confirmed that as well. He was saying the TPS also operates the auto transmission so yes, like you say it is important. The auto trans can be controlled by a standalone control box but that is getting in to the "too hard" category for me. I found this information that explains the purpose of the TPS for anyone interested...


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