1kz-te Swap Shifter Linkage Help Please

Apr 5, 2019
Deerfield, MA
Hi All,

I am swapping a 1kz-te into my 2001 Tacoma and I'm having trouble getting my shifter linkage right. The engine and transmission are out of a Hiace and I think it had a cable shifter, but I'm trying to use my Tacoma floor shifter. I had it set to the correct length for Park, but as I shift through, the linkage has too much travel so the gear indicator on the shifter doesn't match by the time I get to Neutral. I could probably use it this way and just count the clicks as I shift into D, etc, but I thought one of you might have a good idea about how to modify my linkage to get the travel correct. It seems like I need to change the angle between the shifter arm and the transmission control lever but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

This is a photo of the linkage in Park and then in 1st. Notice how the linkage is in the correct position for P, and too long for 1



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