1kz-te starter wiring question (1 Viewer)

Apr 5, 2019
Deerfield, MA
Hey All, I'm swapping a 1kz-te into my Tacoma and I'm almost done with the wiring but I noticed the the starter relay wiring is a little different between the two. The diesel starter has a large gauge wire going to the relay (10 or 12 gauge) and a 50a fuse on the relay circuit while the gasser has a smaller gauge (18?) and a 40A fuse. Can anyone tell me if I need to change the wiring (fuse, relay, and wire gauge) to match the diesel wiring? It looks to me like the starer draws its power directly from the battery and it kind of looks like the starter almost has another relay in it, so does the relay circuit even draw that much power? Would it be a fire risk to just use the existing starter relay and wiring since it's so short (like 6 inches from the connector to the fuse box)

Any help would be much appreciated!


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