1kz-te engine code 14-timing control/timing angle (only when going uphill in second gear) (1 Viewer)

Feb 3, 2019
Hi everyone,
2000 Hilux Surf 1kz-te, automatic.

I recently completed a quite extensive rebuild of my engine (new sleeves, bearings, rings, head gasket, new head, new valve guides, new injector nozzles, changed all seals etc). At first, I was getting some really bad misfiring, but adjusting the diesel pump seems to have sorted that out.
The vehicle finally seems to be running well (about 1000km and one oil change done since the rebuild) .
The engine definitely feels much more powerful than before the rebuild, and the boost builds up MUCH quicker than before, but I am still having one strange problem throwing a temporary check engine lights (and temporary power cut) but only in very specific circumstances.

When I'm driving up any medium to long uphill section that requires 2nd gear (not so steep to remain in 1st without revving the socks off), somewhere during the uphill i'll get a check engine light come up and the power cuts to about half. Once i back off the accelerator or drop into 1st gear, it goes away and the vehicle drives normally. When I pull the code using the flashing lights technique, I get code 14 (timing control system malfunction (or possibly crank angle 7 degrees or more out of spec)). I've had trouble with this code before about 4 years ago, and it required a new timing control valve, but in that case, it wouldn't necessarily throw a CEL and there was knocking/major timing issues. Other than that very specific scenario going uphill, I can't seem to replicate this issue. I have gotten it about 4 times so far, all of which were going up a medium-long hill where the roads were rough so you couldn't go very very quickly, perfect 2nd gear type of speed. It doesn't pop up any other time, and the vehicle seems to be running fine otherwise.
Note that it doesn't happen on slower 1st gear uphills, because I've had to do some of those steep hills in 1st, and had no CEL come up.
I told my diesel pump/injector guys about it last time I was at their shop, and they adjusted the fuelling on the pump itself, which cut my power a little bit (but i'm running with almost no smoke out the back, i was overfuelling before), but the CEL still comes back in the same exact scenario.

I'm attaching a youtube clip below of the exact scenario where it happens to see if you guys can make any suggestions on what to check/adjust to solve this.
Youtube Video of Check Engine Light

Thanks everyone
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