1HZJ79 limited slip differential problem

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Apr 3, 2008
Manzanillo, Mexico
I have a HZJ 79 series pickup (1HZ diesel) with back limited slip differential. Coming into town on the highway I lost all power to the diff. No bang or ping or anything - just wouldn't transfer power to the wheels. Had to disconnect back drive shaft and drive using 4WD to front diff only. Oil was coming out from right oil seal on back diff. And all very hot. Squealing when I tried to get power to back diff but no metallic sounds. Any ideas? Only way to move again was to remove back diff. Would move in neutral but not under power.

anybody had this before with a limited slip? Any ideas? Please copy replies to my email:


As I'm about to pull it apart in the morning. I am using Castrol LSD oil, no additive. GL5 75-90W.

I am in Mexico and now stuck for parts if it's cactus.
Man that sounds not good.

It seems like it could be a broken shaft, the diffs are pretty tough to break.

But before people start to offer you will need a carrier out of a 79 or a 100 series if that is what you have to replace.

I can ship one but you will probably be better off getting it from American Toyota or the like. Air shipping a diff is not cheap, been there, done that a few times. The full third member tips the scales at about 35 to 40 kilos if I recall correctly.
Have you drained the diff?
What came out? Large amounts of chips or more or less clean oil?
If you find large (amounts of) chips, could be that ring and pinion are fully destructed. The fact that it was very hot supports that. In that case you're talking big bucks....:confused::eek:
If no or hardly any chips it could be a broken shaft. Anyway you'll have to open it to find out more.
Yup - sounds like an axle shaft, I have 2 long axle shafts here - 1 is new and 1 used, I also have the short axle shaft - used.

I have a used rear diff here in canada if that is any help to you. I took it out of my HZJ79 so I could install an electric locking diff out of a 100 series.

The rear diff and axles in the 79 is different than just about all of the other cruisers as it has a different amount of splines because of the heavier axles and hub assemblies.

If you need something let me know and I can ship it out right away.

Email: Lshobie@yahoo.com

Good luck!

About to drop the diff now. Broken shaft - unlikely. But I will know in less than an hour. My bet is on the plates.

You people that are replying: You know that this is a Toyota Limited Slip Differential? The weak point is the plates.

- Andrew
Yes, but the plates won't do anything during normal driving..... then your diff is just an open diff.
All the plates do is try to lock the diff as soon as one of the wheel looses traction.
Having said that......Once one of the driveshafts broke the LSD may have been working hard trying to keep the diff locked because it was 'sensing' that one of the wheels lost 'traction'
lsd broken axle

Broken axle. Seal worn from the broken bits (grind) and the break in the axle allowed the oil to begin to leak out plus damaged seal. So, I need a right rear axle (the short one), and it has 32 splines. And I need the axle seal. Vehicle is HZJ79 series pickup, 1 HZ diesel, brought new october 2001 (2002 model). I only want the axle and the seal (vehicle model is HZJ79L). - Andrew, Colima, Mexico

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