1hzj 105r build

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Jan 23, 2022
Right ppl I'm doing a build my first deisle build I know my engines with petrol an basic stuff with deisle this is what I'm doing blue printed balanced forged crank blue printed balanced forged conrods with 40 tho over sized forged pistons ceramic coated custom designed forged head water port in head bored out in front of head help keep temps down ported out bigger valves forged shimed an also a lumpy forged cam blueprint an balanced I know I need 12mm compensated pump only thing has me stuffed is what size turbo to run one I got is going to be to small now an I've all ready got 3inch exhaust system installed booked in for 4inch snorkel once rebuild is done an also got big cross country twin thermo intercooler coming as well injectors replaced 12 months ago so should be able to get away with them without upgrading to bigger injectors for now any recommendations on size turbo to run no cheap crap good quality stuff only price all ready exceeded my budget what a few more grand when it's ya pride an joy an want a sweet arse beast it's a Toyota landcruiser gxl 105 series. 1998 model 1hzj 105r
You might want to post this in the diesel section as well. You'll find very little experience with the 1HZ in the 100 series form since most of us are in the US and only have 2UZ powered 100's. 105 aren't legal to import for another year still.

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