1hz rear main seal

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Aug 15, 2011
QLD Australia
hi fellas, im in the process of fitting a new gearbox/transfer & clutch on my hzj75 ute and was wondering if i should really do the rear main while i have the box out. its not leaking or even weeping. i would do it normally but money is a little tight after buying a new box and clutch and im considering if it really "needs" doing as they are bout $120 or so for genuine toyota.

so whats the life expectancy of a 1hz rear main seal?, mine has 260,000klms on the clock and is a 94 model. how long has yours lasted? should i leave it alone or change it?
If you have everything at home needed to remove the tranny should the rear main seal start to leak then all it will cost you is your time at some point later on. If money is tight just bolt it back up and worry about it if it leaks later.
Are you changing your clutch?
If your doing that your going to change the pilot bearing and you might as well do the RMS.
I don't remember mine costing that much and I did it this summer. It was half the cost off the top of my head
Where are you located?

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