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Jul 19, 2005
recently got a 1HZ/55F combo. two people I really respect advised not rebuilding it before I swap. It is going into an 86 FJ60. It is super clean and came from one of our mines here in Montucky. It is very very clean,...by appearance - and has some bar code sticker on it. I believe that it has never been used. call me crazy. if it was rebuilt they cleaned thee holy livin cree-ap out of it:eek:.

it is also un-mated from the equally clean looking H55F tranny and has no xfer case.

the persons that advised not rebuilding it are very knowledgeable and have done a considerable amount of diesel swaps both toyota and non.

looking for more opinions.
I hope its good,they are a great engine.

This is what mine looked like after a rebuild
robs pics 015 (Medium).jpg
Man I need to go up to montana. :)

Are those brass sealing washers I see under the head bolts?


I dont think so Rick. I cant remember seeing anything like that in the FSM but this pic does make them look like brass
robs pics 018 (Medium).jpg

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