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Mar 15, 2012
Traveling the Americas
I've owned a 2H w/turboglide turbo for a few years now but just picked an 1990 Australian HZJ75. The 1hz has 240k miles on but runs smooth. It recently had the timing belt and water pump replaced. It's now at Valley Hybrids getting the leaking injection pump and injectors refreshed/recalibrated before I take off for a few weeks in Baja California. I do not have a pyro so I'm going to be extra-gentle on this first trip.

I have about a week to get my tools and parts kit together for this trip. Are there any spares specific to the 1HZ you'd recommend I keep in my rig or in the garage at home?

I picked up a Gregory's repair manual and that's about the extent of my 1hz knowledge/experience so far.
A fuel filter, extra belts and extra fuel cut solenoid are nice insurance on a long trip. I have the upper and lower rad hoses stashed in my Troopy as well. I also have a set of glow plugs in my tool kit and a nice deep socket for that eventuality. Pretty simple engines. Knock the dust out of the air filter every morning down there. The standard metric stuff for any Toyota is all thats really needed. Enjoy and post some pics!
If your PM is up to scratch, there's not much need to carry anything special. They are pretty reliable and fool proof

If on an extended trip, carry fan belts for the alternator and a/c.
Spare genuine OEM air filter if you're going somewhere very dusty for any length of time. I've had brand new aftermarket filters clog and trigger the filter warning light in just a few days on dusty roads.
Genuine OEM fuel filter.
Rad hoses if traveling remote areas, + spare fuel, heater hoses etc

The OEM air filter can be washed out on the road if dust is really bad, if you have a spare, swap in a clean one, wash the other and give it a day to dry, alternate them add needed
The 1HZ has fairly high operating temps. so in my opinion the pyro is a must even if you're not running a turbo.

Definitely cheap insurance.

The hzj75 are known for having marginal cooling capacity too.
I'd make the cooling system a priority for baselining/PM. Particularly operation of the viscous fan clutch.
I do not have a pyro so I'm going to be extra-gentle on this first trip.

Ive been driving a 1HZ for over 10 years without a pyro. It just takes common sense. Drop back a gear on long hills, keep them under 70mph. They are not designed to go much faster.
I used to carry spare hoses, but now I just replace them before they fail.
I have an Engine Watchdog fitted that monitors coolant temp as it leaves it the engine. I tells me when the thermostat opens(about 10 mins of driving) and I also have it adjusted to tell me when it goes to 100c.
The most common problem is old fuel lines allowing air to get in.
If it doesn't have the pre filter, they are a good investment.
I also keep the Gregorys on board and leave the OEM manuals at home. But never used it.
A dual battery system is good insurance, but I wouldn't add those electronic monitors that do your thinking for you. A good old fashioned battery switch works well.

If you want to carry spares, put new ones on the engine and keep the good used ones as spares. Used belts and hoses are easier to fit in the middle of no where on a dark night.
Buy your filters in bulk .

The 1HZ is the engine you need for the zombie apocalypse. It wont let you down until its modified or mal treated.
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