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May 22, 2014
Los Angeles
I'm adopting a 100k mi 1HZ powered 70 series soon, I'm very excited!

One of the things I want to look into is the true "cost" of running biodiesel and/or WVO through a 1HZ. I've searched around and not gotten and really clear answers. I nearly pulled the trigger on a 300TD to do this with years ago, so I know the WVO basics.

I'd love to eventually do a dual tank system with a true veg conversion, but for now if it is manageable I may make it biodiesel ready.

So what does it take/how does it do on Biodiesel/WVO?

The one thing I don't want is to compromise the reliability/longevity of this motor. This truck will be nearly daily driven. I'm super stoked to have a diesel Cruiser, the last thing I want is to screw it up.

Thanks for any responses!
Biodiesel is a higher quality, more reliable fuel than UVO. Almost all UVO users eventually trash their engines over poor fuel quality. All diesel engine fuel must be low moisture and very clean. To properly clean UVO is just as much work as making biodiesel. A biodiesel brewing set-up and a UVO conversion will cost about the same.
John served me well on a bunch of questions, i would trust his experience, and i do.
I based a lot of things on his information. And he's probably right.

Call me crazy, but i still run UVO directly in my 3B even after reading on the subject.
I did not feel any lost of power or problems since i run it. I often run on Diesel as well for short distances.
I might be playing with fire, but i feel safe none the less. I dont dry my oil, i only let it sit for months and filter.
Bio never appealed to me because of the chemicals.
Dont trust me, trust what you think once you document yourself.
I don't entirely agree with John's assessment that to properly clean UVO is just as much work as making biodiesel. You need to properly clean any oil you will be using to make biodiesel to the same standard that you would clean the only you would be using as just straight UVO. Then you have to add the work of making the biodiesel on top of that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's too much work.
I currently run 100% UVO in my 1hd-t, have done so for 50k km, recently completed a 15k km road trip mostly on UVO.
Would like to eventually make biodiesel, for blending in my stock tank, and still 100% in my 3x heated aux tank.
I know this is an old thread, but my experience with Biodiesel in 300D's were very positive. I made my own and it never caused any problems. I also ran it in my GM 3500 flatbed work truck. I owned 5 300D's and used it in all of them. I also threw just about anything I could find in them (transmission fluid to straight WVO) without any trouble. Those engines are tough. I hope my new HDJ80 will be as tough. I plan on treating it better, but I plan on adding a heated second tank for WVO and switching once warm. I just started my research on LC setups. Any links would be very much appreciated. I do not plan on making my own BD anymore. Too much work, and really it is pretty dangerous. Nothing like keeping a 55 gallon drum of pure methanol around in the carport. My perfect situation is to have an easily maintainable filter and drying system installed in the truck so I can fill up anywhere I find oil. There are not that many places in GA that make BD any more, but if possible, I would like that as my startup/cooldown fuel.

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