1hdt oil filter p/n

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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
I asked this awhile back in the part number sticky, no response. As it's time for an oil change again, I'll ask here.

I was checking local stock and prices for filters on my 1HDT;

New Westminster Toyota, once I gave them a part number of 90915-03006 for the oil filter, said they have lots in stock at the warehouse as they are a common filter used here, $7.14.

Fuel filter, part # 23303-64010, again he said they are used over here and in the warehouse, $46.46.

I have noticed two slightly different part numbers for the oil filters;
90915-03006 and 90915-03002.
Whats the difference?
90915-30002 is the correct part number. and i would check back with the stealership as i think they have miss quoted you. Expect to pay around 40 bux each for these i did a bit of reaserch into these and they are the filter for the 1hz through to the 1hd-fte
I buy mine from Wilson Toyota (1-800-218-7708) in Bellingham for $17 US and just get family in the area to bring them to me when they visit.


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