1hdft poor performance

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Jan 31, 2020
Hi all, my 1hdft auto does not pull well up hills, poss lack of fuel.
I say lack of fuel cos it seems very lean I.e not even a puff of black smoke no matter what I do.
On the flat she goes ok but does still lack a bit of punch.
New duel filter and primer (genuine)
Fresh fuel
Checked in tank pick up filter and all clear
Fuel lines clear
Turbo boost good
Valve timing good
Pump timing tries 1.3mm & 1.65mm
Egt go high quickly
Always starts easy
Anyone had similar issue ? Seems like I need more fuel thanks
It's hard to say whether your engine or expectations are to blame. You may just need the fuel turned up . Did it always under perform? We are not mind readers.
Can you explain more "does not pull well up hills" ? It did before and now it doesnt? Remember stock they are no powderhouse.
Sure thing, I can only pull 40kmh up hills from a stand start, my dx 1hz with after market turbo I can do 60kmh and is more responsive.
Basically the 1hdft is all noise no action, along the flat or down hill sweet but under load very poor. Thanks
You can turn the main fuel screw, 12mm deep socket and a screwdriver. Turn 1/4 at a time. Engine will increase rpms or decrease depending on which way you turn the screw. You will then adjust idle screw.
Be certain to lock both screws when satisfied.
You can also adjust boost to suit.

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