1HD-T valve to deck clearance?

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Dec 20, 2012
Had a valve job done on a 1HD-T and cannot find a spec for cylinder deck to bottom of valve. The shop is asking me for this spec but I cannot find any mention of it in my factory service manual.
The only valve spec I'm aware of is the clearance between the valve shims and the camshaft. According to the FSM:
Intake 0.15-0.25 mm
Exhaust 0.35-0.45 mm

This is on a cold engine.
I wonder if anyone has a head off and can take a quick measurement? :)
I do not think that measurement is relevant, as it is determined by the valves and the bottom of the head, so it is not a variable. If you have the correct valves, this will be fine, and I assume that is why there is not measurement given in the FSM. Anyway, how would the machine shop alter this distance anyway?
If you look at those valves, they are inset quite a bit from the plain surface of the bottom of the head.
I don't know this but I bet they put new seats in or cut the existing seats. If they sank the valve deeper, it might put my lifter up too high. Them not having my lifters and cam to check this, they might be concerned because I would then need to disassemble the valves and springs to grind the stem tips. Of course, there is also I minimum valve length to adhere to.

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