1HD-T, is AC pulley on crank required for balancing?

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Apr 1, 2012
The Kootenays
Hi all,

I have recently had my AC pulley delaminate and am doing the harmonic balancer now as PM. I am wondering if anyone knows if the AC pulley is actually required for balancing on the 1HD-T, or if it is fine to just run without it all together.
The only reason this even occurs to me is due to the construction of the AC pulley being the same as the balancer itself... with the rubber inner for dampening
I also cannot seem to find any HDJ models that did not come with AC from the factory.

Any insight to this is greatly appreciated


No, because its the same as a 1HZ and not all 1HZ had air conditioning. The Yanmar marine turbo diesel versions do not have the aircon pulley either.
I have a spare AC pulley if you need one

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