1HD-T Glow Plug Relays (1 Viewer)

May 23, 2019
WNY For Now
As I'm pulling parts off my parts truck and making lists of things to possibly replace along the way I come to the Glow Plug Relays. I haven't heard anyone mention yet but I'm fairly new to Toyota diesels. I know on my old Mercedes diesels you would do the relay every time you did the glow plugs. They were terribly unreliable.

What's the general consensus on the 1HDT GPRs? Rarely need to be replaced? Do them as long as I'm putting a parts order in? There are two that I can see: 28610-17020 (Relay Assy, Sub) which is inside the left fender and 28610-17060 which is in the wiring off the battery.


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