1HD Oil leaks!

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Aug 13, 2020
Hi team,

first time posting and im in need of some help, i had a look through the FAQ but couldnt find anything relevant

The vehicle in question is a 1993 Landcruiser with a 1HD with 440,000kms on it

I've got at least two bad oil leaks but i suspect theres more.

The first one is on the intake manifold gasket, is this common on these motors? i didnt think there should be any oil coming out of there.
The second on seems to be coming from the exhaust side of the engine, the alternator is getting soaked in oil, i cant see where its coming from.

So far i have done the following

- degreased engine
- replaced valve cover gasket
- replaced camshaft oil seal
- replaced timing belt and water pump

Is there a common leak that would cause the alternator to get covered in oil?
Why is there oil coming out of my intake manifold?
Are there other gaskets or seals or other general maintenance i should be carrying out at this stage

Thanks for you help
Intake manifold gaskets can seep when they get old and dried out, but only if there's oil in the intake to leak out...oil in the intake tract would have to come from either a failed turbo or from the PCV system that feeds into the intake pre-turbo. Oil on the alternator could be leaking from and blown off in the wind from the turbo, and could be caused by the same 2 sources as above.

I'd start by pulling the intake off from the airbox to the turbo, if it's full of oil there's a very good chance the source of your issues is the PCV tube from the valvecover to the intake tube at the airbox lid. You can vent the hose from the valve cover to the ground, and plug the hole in the airbox lid. If the intake tube is dry but the turbo is wet, you'll need to take a closer look at your turbo.

Thanks for that I'll replace the intake manifold gaskets and see what's going on with the pcv/turbo

If the turbo needs replacing can I use any ct26 or are the flanges specific for a 1hd?
I just did the intake manifold gaskets, tightened up all the turbo piping, disconnected the PCV pipe and cleaned up all the oil off the side of the air box and the alternator then drove 20kms and it looks like this again, what's my next step?
Probably your front main seal behind the crank pulley. Can get a better look if you pull the timing cover. If that is what it is, good time to do the TBelt, H2O pump and crank seal too
Ahhh dam, I just did the timing belt and water pump. How hard is it to do the front main seal?
Well, first make sure that is where it’s coming from. Get underneath, take off the skid plate, and if there’s oil coming out the bottom of the timing cover, then it’s either the cam seal or the crank seal. Not too hard to remove the timing cover as you now know, but To change the cam and crank seal you have to remove the cam and crank pulleys, which is why it’s a good idea to do those seals when the water pump is done.
There was no oil behind the timing cover last weekend when I did that, must be the front main seal then ae?

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