1fzfe, need help identifying wire

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Mar 27, 2003
This is the last wire/cable I need to install on my 1fzfe. I don't remember where it goes. Any ideas? The picture is not very good, but my POS digicam was having trouble with focusing on the cable. It's square at the end and appears to fit on a 12mm post. Does it ground to the block?

The view is looking just above the USA driver's side frame, fore of the starter. Those are the tranny cooler lines in the background.

thx, eric
Does the wire come out of the big bundle coming from the battery and exit the bundle about 18" from the battery?

If yes, then it's a ground that goes to the engine block; forward of where your fingers are in the photo. I'm assuming the block drain plug is in the top center of the photo. I'm really not sure because that cable had a different end on it on my '97. From memory, that looks a little like the main cable going to the starter but I couldn't see that cable on mine to check.

Can you tell us where the cable originates?

No, it's not that ground cable. That one is already mounted just aft of the motor mount.

It comes down from the main wiring loom, and it's housed in a gray plastic sheath. It can reach to the starter, but I don't think it goes there.

I just hopped out of bed, tossed on some sweats and spent 10 minutes nosing around underhood. Can't find anything like that. The ground you and Beo spoke of has a 90 degree metal tab on its end and mounts on a bolt just above and in front of the motor mount on my truck, FYI.

If you can find a reference point where this wire pops out of the harness, I'll find it tonight if you're still online. Something like "drops out of the wire harness at the firewall's center and above the valve cover" etc.

Like Beo said the ground wire comes directly from the battery but the positive also does. Do you already have a heavy gauge wire connected to the starter? Pull out your multimeter and check if you can't trace them back. Those should be the only heavy gauge wires in a stock setup.
The main starter cable is hooked up, and the ground cable from the battery loom is at the motor mount. This cable comes down through the intake with the main loom, and splits off like the rest near the fuel filter.

Peer in the wheel well on the USA driver's side, fore of the starter, and above the starter. Look for the loose, gray plastic sheath and the rectangular end.

It's not really a heavy gauge wire.
Got it. Lay under the truck looking up from directly under the starter. Look at the #5 intake runner. About in the middle of the 90 degree curve at the runner's lowest point, you'll see a bolt in a cast ear that's holding nothing. That's where this wire goes. Fortunately, it's a piece of cake to get to so you should have it on by breakfast :banana: Mine even has the identical lighter grey tape wrapped around its end like your photo shows. Good job.

ahh great. I removed that bolt thinking there was nothing for it to do :).
thanks :cheers:
I dont mean to bump such and old thread but I am in need of the same info and I cannot locate the tab he is talking about. Is it on the intake or the block. Any help greatly appreciated. Pics would be a godsend!

Thanks guys

On the intake in the back lower one I believe should be bolt hole you are looking for driver side USA

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