1fzfe crank nut

Mar 27, 2003
I was able to get the crank bolt out after fabbing a tool to hold the crank pulley in place. I found some thick angle iron, drilled 2 holes to match the crank pulley, and used a grinder to cut out a hole for the 30mm crank bolt socket. The hole for the socket is big, and I was hoping the tool wouldn't break before overcoming the 300 ft-lbs.

It bent but held together, and I got the bolt out. That's a huge bolt!

Picture of the tool and crank bolt:
Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
I like the pic in manual that shows the tech just holding the SST and turning the bolt off. I used a crow bar to hold pulley and 3/4 socket set withn a 3 1/2' pipe and the braker bar would bend till it broke free :eek: The second time was easyer :)

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