1FZE Naturally Aspirated Upgrade (CLOSED)

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Mar 12, 2018
Doha Qatar
UPDATE 1/16/2021: I sold the engine and all aftermarket parts and went back to stock, I will no longer be posting here.

Hey guys,

*On my 100 series cruiser.

My 1FZE engine rebuild + upgrade has finally finished, and is hopefully ready for the upcoming dune season!

I'll be posting updates here to any people or are interested.

Naturally aspirated.


1. Ross +101mm Bore pistons

2. Custom grind stage 2 camshafts (stage 2 equates to more power and torque in the low-mid range)

3. Upgraded valves + springs + retainers

4. Head port and polish. +thinner head gasket for increased compression


6. McLeod Racing single plate clutch + Fidanza flywheel

7. Custom 6-2-1 headers with 1 3/4 primaries + head shield and ceramic coating

8. 3.5 inche larger throttle body + custom cold air intake also 3.5 inch.

9. Custom larger intake manifold/ intake runners

10. Big injectors (pump gas) + higher pressure fuel pump.

11. 200 series 5.7 Ignition coils

* All other engine parts, connecting rods, oil pump, bolts studs etc have been replaced with new OEM.

STOCK CRANKSHAFT ( I did not install a stroker kit because the garage owner told me they are not reliable especially for hard Offroad use)

Dyno results will be posted here soon after the engine has been broken in (roughly 800 miles of varying load).

It will be interesting to see how much power and torque it makes, and more importantly how it drives in the dunes!



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I've driven the dunes outside of Doha in a 200 series. You are a very lucky person and you are going to have so much fun! Congrats!
We'll want to see some video of you tearing across the dunes as well
I know! I enjoy hearing those motors bounce off the rev limiters as you crest those dunes-
Which tires and what suspension will you be using?

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