1FZE Flywheel Weight (Heavy VS Light) ?

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Mar 12, 2018
Doha Qatar
Hey guys,

So I have a 100 series equipped with the 1FZE engine, I primary drive on soft sand beaches and sand dunes.

My clutch is currently worn out, and I will be replacing it with a brand new OEM clutch. However, I am contemplating whether I should go with a brand new OEM flywheel or an aftermarket performance ultra light flywheel.

I did some research and learned that lighter flywheels do increase throttle response, and free up some engine power by having less inertia and building engine RPM faster, however, with the cons of being harder to drive on the street.

I did also read that lighter flywheels can be detrimental to performance in offroad applications because the lighter flywheel does not store as much energy. This is bad since I do a lot of steep dune climbing, where I rely on momentum to drive over the dune, and a lighter flywheel can cause the engine to lose RPM's faster and will, therefore, stall more quickly.

I would appreciate it if you guys could chime in and steer me in the right direction with this decision.

The lighter aftermarket flywheel I am talking about is from precision clutching.

This flywheel is significantly lighter than stock.

* I mainly do medium to high speed dune bashing, I do not do any technical trails or low speed offroading.


Interesting to have a 100 series with a 1FZ! In my humble opinion, I would stick with the original flywheel. I like OEM just for it's tendency to be over-built for the application. I have also heard that light flywheels do improve throttle response, but I agree it could cause a quicker loss of power due to less mass keeping it moving through the dunes. Good luck and have fun whatever you do!
Given how they build monster-boost 1FZ motors the ME and UAE , my bet is that flywheel is more for sand drags or dune bashing applications. For a stock 1FZ, I would stay with a stock flywheel. The 1FZ is such a smooth and balanced motor, and the OEM flywheel is a big part of that.
There was a good write up in four wheeler magazine about a high inertia (heavy) flywheel: for off-road, heavy is better. For high rpm, race cars that need to ramp up quickly,lighter is better

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