1fz wiring diagram from s America

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Mar 28, 2018
Sorry didn’t find this in the faq. I have a fj80 that I’m using the chasis and putting a 45 body on it. Oh and I’m taking the 1fz out and putting a 1 hz in it. Lots of stuff I know.

So I have found wire diagrams but the color codes they use is for example black with red stripe. B-R. The wires out of this truck are a solid color with either 1 grey dot or 2. I’ll load a picture.

Does anyone know where I can find a s America wiring diagram or help me translate the colors with dots to colors with strips?

Another question. Converting the engine harness to an1hz harness? Any experience with this?

3 questions. Trying to do this without moving the engine back so not really room for the radiator. Would a thinner electric fan be a solution here?


Key words. 1hz. Fj45 on a fj80 series chasis
E2DE9C74 9F79 4DE2 808D 32BCF0AC8CCD
2CDDAA0D 63E5 40B9 AC46 507C6AE0EC11
32D42209 74C0 43BD 88B5 8AF664507CA9
694B58D6 0334 4B16 AC0C 656C00A02B29

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