1FZ Water pump design changed in '95?

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Feb 26, 2004
We all know the radiator is different between '94 and '95, but when looking up parts on an online parts source, it seems to show that the water pump was changed as well.

We know what the differences are in the radiators. What's the difference in the water pumps? Is one better than the other? I guessing they are interchangable, since car-parts.com lists the same pump for all 1FZ years.

This is my source: This is the 93/94 water pump:
Conicelli Parts Center

This is the 95-97 water pump, no part numbers, same price, but lists different years. Maybe a mistake?
Conicelli Parts Center

BTW, does anyone have the OEM radiator part numbers for the 93/94 and 95+ radiators? None of the online OEM parts places list part numbers anymore. I'd be ordering from C-dan if I get one, but I'm curious what the part numbers are.

My guess would be that it is a mistake. The same website shows the fan clutch fitting only years 93-94. I'm fairly certain the fan clutch and water pump are the same 93-97. Cdan would know for sure or some one with access to Toyota part #'s
16100-69325, water pump, 93-97.

16210-66020, fan clutch, new design, blue base, 93-97.

16400-66040, radiator 3-row brass core, 93-94.

16400-66081, radiator, 2-row aluminum core, 95-97.

Either radiator will fit all years (93-97).

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