For Sale 1FZ Manifolds and shields

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Feb 28, 2007
Portland OR - USA
United States
Recently removed from a 97. Shields are usable but have cracks.

$20 for shields
$40 for manifolds

No problems with these that I can see. Threads in the three exhaust flange studs that are removed look OK. I suspect the other stud would come out too.
Is there something you want to see?

Shipping is about $35 for 25lbs
I was curious about condition of mating surfaces and if any studs were broken off inside. I'm contemplating picking them up to ceramic coat. Nothing wrong with my current manifolds yet, but I am about to replace my y-pipe.
OK. The threads for the heat shield bolts are all good and the surface of the manifold and the mating surfaces are all smooth. No salt here so there is no pitting. I think they would work for coating.

You can see in the pics that one of the heat shield bolt holes is blown out.

I will be removing the y pipe and cats soon too if someone is interested

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