1fz-fe to 1Hd-t engine swap

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Mar 26, 2008
Im a newbie in this forum, i have a 96 model dubai spec 80 series Vxr and a 92 model HDJ81v RHD unit from japan, would it be possible to swap engines? Are the location of the engine mounts the same? How about the electricals?

I was researching that conversion myself and gave up when I couldn't find a 1HD-T engine. From what I recall the mounts will work but as far as the wiring I don't know. Put a post in the diesel section and I am sure you will get your answers. Rusty
Yes, you can do it assuming you can do the swap yourself so you don't have to pay someone do it. It is a direct drop in with no mod to the mount. There is not much to do with the electrical part since the 1hd-t uses a mechanical fuel pump not ecu controlled.

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