1fz fe Starts with black puff of smoke

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Aug 1, 2020
Hi guys I’m new to this forum
I have a 80 series Every tome i rev it it gives black smoke the mpgs have gone down nd the truck doesn’t want to run after warming up idles like s***
I’ve been told its the vaf is there any way to be sure??

tthis is what happens after its starts sputtering

What year is this rig? black smoke is usually running rich. Could be too much fuel or too little air.
Does it smell like its running rich?

How many miles on the motor?

Couple of things to check:

1) is your air filter clean?
2) check the air intake tube the that connects the air filter can to the throttle body. Look for cracks. Sometimes these symptoms shown up when the tube is cracked. Take a hard look. Remove it and inspect. Sometimes you cannot see it until it is removed.
3) Check that the mass air flow sensor is working properly. Do not open these devices. Just check using the connector pins. There’s a test sequence in the factory service manual.
4) Check you injectors if one or some are faulty more fuel will be let in.

you can download the factory service manual here on line that shows you how to get at these.
sounds like an injector issue or vaf issue, id check the vaf first as its easier to access and easier to test. ill also attach the inspection for the throttle position sensor

Screenshot (5).png
Screenshot (6).png
@ceylonfj40nut it does smell like it running rich its a 94
Got a new airfilter
The air filter tube to the throttle is also fine took it off nd expected it
could be the o2 sensors on the way out as well as they are used for fuel trim by the ecu. if their reading incorrectly the fuel trim can be adjusted incorrectly by the ecu

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