Wanted 1FZ-FE Engine

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Aug 20, 2009
Seattle, WA
United States
Lost my engine on my 97 LC due to no oil pressure. It's my daily driver, so I need it up and running as quick as possible and decided that a swap would be my best bet. Would love something lower mileage, but need low risk. (engine currently running, some history of work, compression numbers, etc) I'm in Albuquerque. Best option I've found so far is a used with 187k from cruiserparts. If anyone has any history or perspective on dealing with them I'd appreciate too. Thanks.
I've got a sweet 97 engine. sent you a PM.
You SHOULD be able to find one a bit closer to you. I've dealt with them on smaller things and they have been fine but I've heard of many people on mud talking about how lame they were. Buying stuff and when it came to them at their house it was junk!! Just my .02. Keep looking in the "parting out" section and you should find something .

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