Wanted 1F Flywheel Needed

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Feb 28, 2008
Columbus, Ohio
I'm in need of a flywheel for a 1F. The one that was on my '73 FJ40 has lots of stress cracks in it, and is beyond machining. Exploding flywheels suck, so if someone has one in good shape PM me. Thanks.

I have a nice resurfaced 2F flywheel if you wanted to change to a 2F clutch etc.

I also have a 1F flywheel. Good shape but probably should be shot-peened and resurfaced. I will weigh it to get a shipping quote.
Unfortunately I just shelled out almost $300 for a new clutch kit for the 1F before I realized that the flywheel was toast :mad: and I don't think that I would be able to exchange it for a 2f clutch kit. I would really prefer the 2F clutch to the old 3 finger style.

Let me know how much for the 1F flywheel & shipping though.

I do have a complete 2F drivetrain that I'll be buying pretty soon, but I don't know how long it will take me to get it, and I still want to have the 1F complete to either keep as a spare or sell.

Thanks for the reply.

I might have a 1F Flywheel. Let me check in the next couple of days if I d and what shape it is in.

Zip is 43213

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