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Apr 4, 2004
Here is the carb that was on the blown F eng from my 63 FJ45. Is there any way or should I even be considering putting this on the 78 2f ?

One reason that I am looking at the 1bbl is that the aircleaner is a oilbath.

The FJ25 manifold is really neat but ofcourse will not work with the different ports.

Did later F engines w/ 1bbl carbs have the newer ports?

Thanks Myrle
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May 5, 2004
Mill Valley, CA
that dosen't look like the oil bath filter that i have. I would say that one good thnig about the SD-40 (toyotas name for the big window 1bbl carb) is that its simple i can take it apart and put it back on the truck in like 15-25 mins.


Nov 14, 2004
Pretty sure that all of the F engines with the later ports in the head also had 2 bbl. carbs.

FWIW it's not impossible to use an oilbath air cleaner on a 2 bbl. carb. I converted my '65 to 2bbl because the original head was cracked and I had a good siamesed port head. To make the original air cleaner fit I took apart the lids of both the early oilbath and the later paper filter canisters (they're spotwelded) and tigged the later carb mounting A/C neck onto the earlier lid. It works fine and looks OEM. Didn't have to be tigged either - it could just have been brazed or tacked with a mig welder and sealed with a paintable putty. Where there's a will there's a way, right?


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Apr 14, 2004
Their is an adapter plate that was used in the 1968 cruisers to mount a 1bbl on the two bbl intake, from the factory. Landpimp has posted a pic of one on his 77 mtr if you want to do a thread search. I will be putting the original 1bbl back on my 68 one of these days.

That air cleaner IS from an early FJ. It has a shorter runner between the filter can and the carb neck. IIRC, it uses the 2nd and 3rd headbolts, rather than the first and second, like all the newer [and that's a relative term] oil bath cleaners.
I would be curious if it even fit around the larger intake of a 2Fengine. Might just want to look for a 64-67 air cleaner.
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