1999 What do you think it is worth?

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Jul 14, 2016
214k mi. Service history looks good and is on car fax all except timing belt changes. It needs an O2 sensor, power antenna, side view mirror glass, brakes (rotors seem warped), key fobs, floor mats etc. There is a small area of rust bubble underneath the rear passenger side door. Also the trans cross member has rust but most of it looks pretty good. Has the rear diff lock. Everything seems to be in good working order. They are asking $4900

Seems to be priced appropriately. Holler if you buy it. I've got the trans cross-member if you want to replace it though you probably dont need to. Of course shipping might be rediculous from 49006. Usually if the timing belt was changed they'll place a sticker under the hood with the mileage when it was performed. I know i did !
I was trying to talk them down. It appeared as a private sale on craigslist but is actually at a dealer. The sticker is not under the hood I searched for it. Most service was done at a toyota or lexus dealership. The timing belt thing just doesn't make sense
if something seems wrong, run away. there's plenty more where that came from. Its worth the wait for the right one. I believe the timing belt job is between 1200 and 1800 if you have it done. if you decide to keep looking at this one try out low gear on gravel or dirt and make sure the lockers that it has work (ie center and rear if equipped).
Plug the VIN into the Toyota Owners website to see if any more service records pop up. My cruiser did not have a timing belt sticker but Toyota Owners showed two timing belts were done (92k and 188k).

The price seems fair to me, even if it needs a timing belt and has a little rust. Certainly use these two big ticket items as leverage when negotiating the price ;)
I have been in the market for a 100 series and this seems like a steal to me. Perhaps it is because I live in AZ and the stuff from the southwest is rust free? At any rate, I haven't seen anything decent under $8,000.

In many cases, if this were in CA, it would be listed for $10k. Unless I am missing something. I am the noob here looking for my first 100.
I think that is a great price and would be gone if near Atlanta.
I checked service history on Toyota Owners and it only had one entry when Carfax shows a lot of services at toyota dealers. The driver seat is not torn. Timing belt is my biggest concern but I also hate rust as well.
Im with you on that, Call your local dealer, get a quote on the belt job. Unless you can do it yourself. The belt is simple (not easy) preventative maintenance. If there is rust, depending on the rust, its very hard to really fix. And it makes it very difficult to work on. And you will be working on it. That isnt necessarilly a bad thing but all good things to consider before pulling the trigger. if its rusty enough to try to use this condition for a lower price i would walk away.
FYI timing belt service didn't show up in Lexus computer on the first couple go arounds. Took me sitting there with a CSR who knows the history of the car from day 1 to be able to dig and find it. It was under other services and was hidden if you just call in or print a report. Looked like the car had never had timing belt service in 300k but once I saw the sticker on engine I pushed harder and lo and behold 90k, 180k, 270k service hidden in other tabs.

Just a thought. First time I called the dealer asking if it had timing belt service answer was nope not on file. I'm assuming everybody else got that answer too.
There is $1500 in fixes, at least, that you can see. That means it's probably $2500 when you add in the other stuff you will certainly discover in the next six months that was deferred or ignored. Me, I'd pass and pay $6500-7000 for one that was taken better care of, and NOT buy from a dealer.
The service history is actually pretty good on car fax. Just the timing belt is absent. It looks as if it was well taken care of. I hate the fact it is at a dealer and I was duped to think it was not. I did not know until I showed up to look at it. It was posted on CL as a private sale.
Try pulling the big engine cover off/up and look for the timing belt change sticker under that. My sticker was on the timing belt cover itself, which was hidden by the engine cover. I managed to get the dealer down some on price because we couldn't find record, bought it and drove it home, and I was all geared up to change it myself, took cover off and there was the sticker right there.
Anyways, looks like a good price to me, maybe. I just bought my '99 from Fort Wayne for 7K with 168k miles. Mine has some rust too, but not much to worry me that much. I wasn't looking for perfection, just a winter beater. I didn't plan on paying anyone for maintenance either, can do it myself.
I looked around in Oregon for a while before I bought mine, and there's none (100's) at that price, not even close at least that I found. Most a lot closer to $10,000 and more if they were in good shape without anything big needing to be fixed. Decent ones seemed to start around $7-8,000 if they needed some attention, but hardly ever any rust though. If you have the time and skills, could go for it and dive in, if that's what your budget allows. Personally, I don't have time, so went with one that didn't need anything fixed and paid more (happily) to just get in and drive/enjoy it. Seems like they are so much more expensive around here. I don't know why.

You could always request a vehicle inspection and have it looked over by a mechanic before you buy, to confirm your idea that it looks taken care of.

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