For Sale 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser - 157k - $7500

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United States
1999 Toyota Land Cruiser UZJ 100

Am I leaving money on the table here? I have this up for sale and have been getting absolutely peppered with inquiries.

I began looking around this morning and it seems that the demand and subsequent going market value for these trucks has risen significantly since i last sold/bought a cruiser.

Was a company car from 0-60k miles with all dealer servicing. 60k - 144k was a family cruiser with a decent amount of service records from toyota and independent mechanics.


front quarter panel dent,

hole in the muffler - muffler needs replaced,

The start of surface rust on one of the 4 wheel wells, the other 3 are clear of rust. White paint pen has almost halted the rust growth since i first applied it 2 years ago.

The start of surface rust on the back hatch. Again, applied paint pen and it has all but halted the growth.

Throwing CEL code P0403 - needs oxygen sensor replaced. Still getting 14-15 mpg

Does have surface rust on the undercarriage but no true soft spots. Indiana truck its whole life.

Original floor mats are dirty.

No evidence that the timing belt has ever been replaced. The person i bought said it had been done but couldn't find the paperwork. I remember peaking in and not seeing any significant cracks or rot. That paired with these motors being non-interference i decided to buy it and wait for it to break instead of taking a proactive approach. I marvel at the condition of your cruisers but mine is more of a work horse drive it till it drops kind of truck.

The tentative buyer and I agreed on $7500 which is $500 off of my asking price because of the caveats listed above. Thoughts?





3 more pics



I would say that asking price and selling price usually differ significantly. Have found cash in hand is not that common lots of tire kickers out there who have nothing to do but fill your in box and waste your time. Or sellers that have some attachment issues to their cars or loans on old crappy cars.
I think you can get a little more for it. Honestly, the previous statement is true by Lopott. Mostly tire kickers but I would buy it tomorrow for that price! I'd say with that low of miles you could ask for more. If you want to sell it to me I'll fly out wih cash in hand! Good luck with whatever decision you end up making.
Being from CO it's worth more out here and would sell quickly at that price. Just an FYI for ya. PM me if you'd like to chat.

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