For Sale 1999 LX470 - A series of unfortunate events

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  1. LX470
United States
Hello Mudders!

Without going into all the gory details, what is being offered here is a 1999 LX470 that due to deferred maintenance (heater T's. I am now the poster child for heater T's) and some bad judgement on a hot day has blown head gaskets. That's inconvenient and depressing, but also fixable on a vehicle that isn't a daily driver. I towed it to my mechanic and told him to look it over when he has time.

The real day wrecker comes the following week, as one of his patrons had backed into it and crunched the fender, grill, headlight assembly and so on. Fortunately, the patron was a stand up gal and went right into the office and got my contact info. She could have easily driven off and left me in an even worse position. In any event, after several painful interactions with Geico (worst insurance company EVER) a check is allegedly on the way. The LX is not totaled.

I'm going to go drag in on my trailer and stick it in the shop for now. I think that; if someone wants a nice truck as a project, I'll let this go and move on. After all, I also have a 2009 LX and don't NEED two.

On the other hand, a few junk yard parts and an ARB bumper and this is back in business, so will see how this plays out.

Prior to the run of bad luck / judgement, this was the state of things:

- New radiator. The original had a big gob of JB Weld on it.
- New center stop light.
- Added second fully functional key.
- Removed crappy aftermarket DVD player from ceiling and installed a salvage dome light (not having a dome light is maddening).
- Sourced (yet to be installed) salvage center console to replace the butchered one that once held a Nintendo 64. This will restore cupholders to the rear.
- New CV shafts (both)
- New rear rotors, resurfaced front rotors (brakes still pulse a bit).
- Transmission service with filter and Red Line fluid.
- Red line fluid in both diffs and Xfer case.
- New headlight bulbs.
- New Toyota rear driveshaft assembly. Original will be has new U-joints on it, probably good for off road.
- Cabin filters.
- Salvage climate control panel. Some of the buttons on the original were sticky / inop. Original included.
- Road force balance.
- One tie rod end and alignment.
- New fan clutch. Original rebuildable unit included.
- Brake fluid flush.
- AHC fluid flush.
- New rear control arms. All four.
- Installed new Curt trailer receiver and wiring.
- Installed new Rhino Rack three bar rack. These are the ‘aero’ crossbars.

I'm unsure how to price something like this, so let's just start here. Bring $3k and a trailer and I'll help you load it and cook you a steak (if you're in to that sort of thing).

Before and after photos can be viewed here.

Clean and clear title in my name.

any pics of underneath? under carriage areas

I will grab some photos as soon as I can get them done. I will say that this truck is VERY clean underneath. It was bought new in FL, then passed through a dealer in OK on its way to KS. I have spent a lot of time under the truck, as have both my local mechanics and we're all pleased with the lack of corrosion. There is zero evidence that this has ever been used off road.

All that said, I understand that the proof is in the photos, so will back that up with some in the coming days. In the meantime, I'll upload the records from Lexus' website and the CarFax that covers everything prior to my ownership.



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