For Sale 1999 Lexus LX - St. Louis

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Team Mud,

I am in the market for a 100 series LX. I am returning from overseas duty and found this one in St. Louis which is my first stop. The price is about $1000 high (IMHO) due to lack of maintenance records from the seller.

Link: Michael Thomas Motor Co

I would welcome your thoughts on this LX. If there are any Team Mud folks in the St. Louis area who have the time to take a look at it, I would be very grateful.

Hi piglet ..

First off thank you for your service.

Second - I called about the truck a few months ago. Had the dealer send various pics of the engine bay and under carriage.

It's very unlikely the timing belt / water pump was done.

There is a good amount of surface rust on the belly (I believe one of the running board brackets was rusted out and and they "flex" when stepped on)

There was a history of corner light replacement likely indicating a mild accident

The dealer was really straight forward and the shipping price wasn't terrible but for similar $ I have seen higher mileage '03s with the 5sp tranny and side curtain airbags and updated dash/gps and wheels.

So I passed.

But it may be the right truck for you.

Hope this helps.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

I received the undercarriage pictures today and you are correct lots of rust. I ran the VIN on the Lexus website and it was not maintained by a Lexus dealership. Too many variables on the truck. Think I will wave off.


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