For Sale 1999 LandCruiser UZJ Series 100 (blown motor)

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United States

Had a heater hose "T" fail while wife was driving in the summer heat. Overheated and the motor is no longer good. Body is straight and interior is decent. New BFG KO2 285/75r16.

****Has factory locker both center and rear (Only option in 1999 I believe).*****

Would be a great project rig for someone with the time to swap in a motor. (2UZ-FE engine)

Repairs in the last 25k miles: New radiator, pulley bearings, starter, alternator

Located in Utah about 40 minutes from Salt Lake City.

Vehicle has 250k miles.

Text messages preferred, unless you are a prince from Nigeria and you need help getting money out of an account. :)

(801) 722-5628 cell



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someone throw a turbo diesel in that bad boy
Thank you for the interest in my Cruiser; I have decided to keep it and fix it. I found reputable machine shop that will rebuild the motor for $2100.

It's probably less expensive and less time to swap a complete 4.7. there are mud vendors with used 4.7's ready to ship.
If you need help locating a used complete engine, I work for an auto body shop here in Utah. I have some awesome contacts for used parts.

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