For Sale 1999 Land Cruiser Well Built and Maintained, New Hampshire (CA truck most of its life) (1 Viewer)


Aug 20, 2015
Maine and New Hampshire
Vehicle Model
  1. 100 Series
New Hampshire, United States
SOLD - For future market reference (comps, arguing with insurance, etc), full price and being shipped from NH to CA

1999 Land Cruiser. 209k MIles. Extensive build. Extensive use all over the country. Very well maintained. 1 not-small cosmetic flaw :beer:


Located in Mid NH. I need to pick up my FJ45 in Eastern North Carolina, so I would consider an east coast delivery in that region.


I bought this truck about a year ago from a friend in my Vermont Overland Club. We'd wheeled together for years, 5 Vermont Overland Trophy competitions. He had driven this truck all over the country, CA, CO, UT. Very thorough build, very well maintained.
- CA truck until about 6 years ago. PA, then VA, now NH. Very little salt exposure. I had it fluid filmed before this winter, and only used it a few times in VERY heavy snow. Lots of undercarriage pics below. NOT an eastern rust bucket.


1999, Green, Tan interior
209k miles


All routine maintenance done on time, extensive paper records
-Timing belt 10/2018 at 172K miles. Water pump
- All radiator hoses and heater T's done at the same time
-Starter and steering rack replaced 185k miles
-Master cylinder rebuilt 206k miles. Inspected all electrical connections on ABS unit, all clean and dry. Never threw any codes, done as preventative maintenance
-New radiator OEM toyota + cap, 206k miles.
- Needs nothing currently. Last oil change August 2020, 3k miles ago, Mobil 1 0-30w


OME 2. 5 lift. Upper Control Arms. Metal Tech lower rear trailing arms. Diff drop
4.88 Regear. Stock Toyota E-locker rear, ARB front. Center diff lock fully functional
Yokohama 285/75r16 G003 tires x 5. 2000 miles on 4, zero mile spare.
Custom built front bumper. High clearance and tight to the grill, no ARB cow catcher profile.
Warn winch with synthetic rope.
BIOR rear bumper with dual swing out. High lift mount.
Metal Tech sliders, powdercoated , over-rattle-canned
Slee skids.
Gamiviti Roof rack
ARB awning
Custom drawer set up in back. Locking sliding drawers, fridge cubby, slide out, ARB fridge.
Dual Battery set-up. Wired together, currently. The controller (buy a blue sea next time) died.
Hella dual driving lights, currently not hooked up.
Front seat leather professionally replaced, great condition.
Trailer brake wired
Weathertechs, ram mount, some other little things.














So, you've made it this far. "This is the greatest truck ever". "Total steal". I still think it is. But, there is a problem....
I've wheeled for a long time. Not much skinny pedal, and I've been through some seriously ugly stuff with barely a scratch. I do not abuse my trucks. Until one day last summer. Just a regular day of VT wheeling, nothing special, no competition. Out with some friends. I'm climbing a small wall with a spotter. I see the root sticking out of the side of the trail, but I have plenty of room. I hang to passenger. Looks like an easy clear...and then the slide happens. I slide to driver, wheel brushes the huge diameter root sticking directly out of the trail. And said root falls in right behind my tire. Right in front of my fender. Brings all 6500 lbs of this truck to a dead stop. Buckles the fender not just where it hits, but all through the drivers fender. Deer in headlights look in my buddy's eyes as he looks through my window. Behold :bang::doh:


Ugly, yes. But, the good thing is no door or hood damage. It's just the fender. I've been lazy and haven't sourced one.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is as bad as I can make this look. Sun at a perfect angle for maximum dent shadows. She's a beaut Clark!


There it is. There are a few scratches on the rear fender as well. Some rock rash on the wheels. It's a well built and highly capable rig that has been used.

The way I look at it, most 22 year old Land Cruisers need several thousand dollars of mechanical baselining to be reliable and ready. Neglected timing belts, $1000 starters waiting to go, ABS Master cylinders sketchy, steering racks dying. This has had ALL of that done. Likewise, all heater hoses, T's, new radiator. All fluids. It's regeared already, so it actually has usable power. New tires. Etc. Etc. It needs none of that.

All it needs is a fender. Or not. If you're going to wrinkle it potentially anyway, use it as is. It's ready to go.

Thanks for the attention, you've made it through. I think its a great truck. I'm looking into a 200 before they are all gone, and need to get a truck or 2 out of the stable. Clean Maine title in hand. I'd consider delivering it to VA or NC as I need to go retrieve my FJ45 from its winter home now that the salt is gone. :cheers:
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Mar 22, 2005
Durango, CO
This is a smoking deal! Re-geared, front locker to accompany the factory rear, suspension
is done correctly WITH new UCA's up front, all the armor and much good.

Couple questions:

How's the inner fender liner?
What color is this (factory code) Galactic Silver?
Is the trim treated with bed-liner or other?
It looks like maybe the mid-door trim on driver door is "bent" at the leading edge of the door?

Once again, an amazing offering...I'm trying to move heaven and earth to round up this much cash
but I don't think I'll be able to.

BTW - did you see Mike's (BIOR) 200 for sale? That also seems like a screaming deal...


Aug 20, 2015
Maine and New Hampshire
Thanks. Inner fender liner is in decent shape. It's tucked in behind the wrinkled part at the bottom. I honestly can't remember, but I may have cut off the bottom couple of inches to help it squeeze in there and not rub on the tire.

It's more of a grey/green color. I believe it is factory but honestly don't know which one.

Lower rocker trim is bedliner.

Front driver door trim is lifted slightly, but not bent. That's a trick of the light on that 1/4 panel pic, and the slightly different shine of the rattle can semi-gloss I used on the panel and the bedliner on the trim. Not bent back. I was going to put a little 3m tape under it to hold it down.

When I bent the fender, it moved in enough that the door wouldn't open. I climbed out the passenger side. We had to do a trail repair, with a big crescent wrench, to the margin of the fender to get it to clear the door. We bumped the trim a couple of times before we got it right. It did lift off the door a bit. Anyway, optic trick in that pic, trim is fine.

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