1999 100 series, $12,000

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United States
All right, this time I'm really selling it, no more cold feet. If I don't sell it before summer hits I'm going to trade it in, so I'm offering it here first for $12,000. Can't afford to keep two cruisers at this time.

It's a '99 with 113k on the clock, bought from a Toyota dealership at 52K, ran synthetic oil ever since. New timing belt, spark plugs and shocks. Tires only have 15k on them, good for another 30k. Just pass PA state and emission inspections, done at a Toyota dealer.

Options for this Cruiser are a moon roof, third row seating, remote started and a LOCKING rear differential, There are no know mechanical issues with this vehicle.

There are however a few known cosmetic issues, There is a small dent in the passenger front door and some of the paint on the front bumper is pealing off. Also wood grain dash that was installed is starting to show glue spots through the wood.

Feel free to PM me or give me a call at 610-731-7060. Thanks for checking her out. Jeff
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Does it have the rear A/C? (I thought that it was not availbe in '98, but it was in '99.)
Not sure if it was standard or optional, so I'd thought I would ask.

BTW, I don't think that the blemishes are bad at all!

Good luck selling it!
If I were in the market (which I might be if my wife moved back to the US sooner rather than later) I would be all over it!

Mot :)
Yeah I think it was on option but I don't have it on mine. I had a dealer offer to buy it off me for trade-in value so I will probably sell it to them, but I thought I would try to sell it to a Cruiser fan first.
Thanks for getting back to me so promptly!

We'd love to get one with the rear A/C, if possible!

I think someone should snatch it as I believe this is a pretty good deal!

Good luck!!


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