1998 Toyota 5spd 4 Runner - Long Beach, Ca

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United States
1998 Toyota 4x4 5spd 4 Runner - Long Beach, Ca - SOLD

I never thought the day would come but the wife wants a new rig. So she's parting ways with her baby. Here's the details.

1998 Toyota 4 Runner, insanely clean inside and out
125 K
Rare 5 speed
3.4L V6 runs like new
3" Downey Coil Overs Front
2" Spacers in the rear
Roger Brown Sliders (Not Currently Installed)
Injen Air Intake
Front Hitch
Rear Hitch
New Premier CD player

Things it needs:
Left Rear Axel Seal needs to be replaced
Cant really think of anything else.

Recently had fluids changed (I do it every 30K) Front Diff, Rear Diff, Tranny and Transfer Case

I know people say this all the time but this is one you need to see to believe how nice it is. My wife is ANAL about keeping her rig clean.

Asking $5,500 obo

Feel free to call with any questions.




I take some Interior Pics on Sunday.
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