For Sale 1998 Land Cruiser Pending Sale

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United States
Located in NW Denver Colorado. White on tan, rear and center diff locks. Excellent condition for its age.

151k miles.


Maintenance and new parts as follows:

Last 10k miles:
Bridgestone Revo 2 AT 265/75/16
4x new Toyota shocks
1.5” OME lift TB stock cranked 1”
8x Plat Spark plugs
Fuel filter
Water pump
Timing belt
Serp belt
Pulley bearings
2x CVJ front axles
All diffs/transfer case with Mobil 1
Mobil 1 oil changed less than 2k miles with Toyota filter
Rebuild ABS with ABS module
Flushed brakes
Flushed radiator
New hoses and heater T’s
New DVD, rear camera, sat radio, navigation
New LSeat front leathers
New Lexus LX470 steering wheel
Weather tech floor mats front, middle, back
LED headlights
LED reverse lights
3rd row seats in great condition




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Looks like a great deal- someone will be happy. GLWS.
I have more/other pictures. Let me know what ones you’d like and I’ll provide.
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Still for sale?
If you don't mind me asking, what head unit is that and what was the cost for the install with the backup camera and nav?
I did it myself. It was an easy job. I did the speakers to. The HU was about $400

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