1998 cruiser factory alarm wiring diagram

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Jul 4, 2017
Hi to all,

does any of you have a wiring diagram of factory toyota alarm for 1998 100-series cruiser?

I bought my cruiser with factory alarm, but it is not working. I have found a unit with a trimmer by the shifter in the console so I assume it is still there :) just not working.

I have tested it by opening locked doors and nothing happened even after the car has been locked for 30min.

Thank you.
I have attached also a picture of the unit.. I assume it is related to alarm :)

That piece doesn’t look familiar in my US spec truck. Pulling it up online it appears to be a Toyota Vehicle Security System interior motion sensor. The dial adjusts sensitivity. I think it is a add-on to vehicles in other parts of the world.
My truck was made in Japan and sold in Europe (Czech republic), sdo you think that toyota made various security system for different countries?

Does it mean that I will have a low chance to gain wiring diagram here? :(


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