For Sale 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser, 40th Anniv $6,200 - Dallas/Fort Worth

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United States
SOLD 07/27/12

Can anybody give me a little help with this FZJ80:

I have additional pic from the owner not posted on the Autotrader ad.

I might have a chance to look at it today but apparently there are two people ahead of me.

I pieced this together from a phone call and pics...

- Super Clean
- Leather in great condition
- Highway Miles/Looks like it's never left a Dallas highway)
- No Rust
- Not wheeled

- Apparently bone stock, lots of work(FUN) to do
- Antenna doesn't work
- Driver window slow
- Hood paint fading/not glossy, biut not peeling
- Small damage (owner repaired) to rear lower quarter panel above bumper (I have the pic in email)

- Small oil leak (assuming HG)
- PHH not addressed
- SUNROOF LEAK - currently sealed on outside with silicone (this may be a deal killer...or not? I've read the posts on using telephone wire and bicycle inner tube to beef up the rubber seal)

Not sure about the rest, so here's the ad..........ANY HELP is greatly appreciated. I'm new on this forum and also want to give special shout out to TEXASYETI for replying to my PM's!

Cars for Sale: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 in Arlington, TX 76017: Sport Utility Details - 326586784 -
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Why do you assume there's a HG issue?
The head gasket has not been replaced. Owner stated that his best guess was "probably the real seal."
The head gasket has not been replaced. Owner stated that his best guess was "probably the real seal."

then it's probably the rear seal... I would not assume HG failure from a small oil leak.
Any thoughts on price? Seller sounds firm!

Refer to autotrader ad keeping mind the problems and maintenance (preventative) I should do ASAP.

My biggest concerns would be HG even if not blown yet
Sunroof leak
No lockers- I prob won't need them much anyway, but for resale if I decide this is not for me.

Would I be better off with 3rd gen 4runner if I'm not going to do serious wheeling and crawling. 3rd row not avail on 3rd gen as I may occasionally use this on small family trips. However, I want to add a lift and tires, beyond that who knows, maybe arb front and rear bumpers and sliders
So it has an oil leak (potentially serious), leaking sunroof and no lockers for $6200? That's no deal and these are all huge points of leverage with the owner, regardless of whether or not you "need" the lockers.

I was 3rd on the list to show the vehicle to and the 2nd guy bought it. I guess a decision was made for me. The search continues...

Thanks for the input. I'll continue to post links to Land Cruisers I see in the Dallas/Ft Worth area for input and maybe potential buy for a fellow MUD member.

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