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Nov 19, 2009
Sachse, Texas
United States
My wife and I just found out we are expecting twins. One of the vehicles has got to go so we can upgrade.

Trying to gauge interest and what we might be able to get out of the rig before we decide which one to get rid of.

Vehicle is located in NE Dallas, TX

1997 LX450. Approx 142xxx miles.
I bought it a year and a half ago with 125k.
-I have completed all fluid baselines except brake fluid / power steering fluid.
-started to have a minor valve gasket leak this past November so took it in to local Toyota dealer and had that fixed.
-Prior owner had all service work done at Lexus Dealer. I have all the maintenance records that were available from as well as the maintenance records since I bought it.
-I did wreck the vehicle February 2010. Relplaced the right fender, right lights, center radiator support, and radiator. The inner wheel well / apron extension pulled away on the front corners. I put them back as best I could be did not take the time to reweld them as I know some people are cutting them out anyway for larger tires. I added the front non-winch arb after the wreck instead of the tin can bumper. The gaps on the hood are slightly off but didn't bother me enough to do additional repairs. I've driven the vehicle almost 20K miles since the accident with no issues. Even made a trip last summer to Grand Canyon and back. Average a little over 16mpg. I'm told due to larger tire size the spedo will be off by about 5%.
-The driver door shell is buckled. Was this way when I bought it. Still shuts and seals so I never did anything about it.
-minor damage to the factory running boards from participating in the Lonestar Toyota Jamboree this year. Should have taken them off but w/o sliders I figured better the running boards than the rocker panels.

- Center, front and rear diff locks.
-I did the cdl pin 7 mod and switch.
-non-winch front arb with Hella driving lights and OEM light switch.
-New leather seat covers front and center rows ( bought leather kit here on mud ). I have the 3rd row jump seats but they are in good condition so did not replace the leather on them.
-Installed OME steering stabiliser and OME 60018 / 60020 front and rear shocks.
-BFG 285/75/16 REVO 2's installed at approx 128-130K.
-All interior lights changed to V-LED's as well as taillights, park lights.
-Headlight low beam bulbs upgraded to high intensity Philips bulbs. I believe identical to the John Deere bulb option
-HELA driving lights just installed about 3 months ago with SLEE aux light harness.

Engine is still strong and runs great. No known issues or leaks. Oil changed at local Toyota Dealer. Diff's work perfectly. Dif fluids changed to mobile 1 after purchase.

See attached pics.
Trying to gauge what we could reasonably expect to get out of the vehicle and reasonable offers will be considered.

Feel free to respond if any additional questions.

updated 10/27

FOR SALE: $10,500 firm.

Please PM if interested. Located in NE Dallas
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