For Sale 1997 LX450 supercharged WA state

United States
Sold....... :frown:

I've finally decided to sell my 80 although I know I'm probably going to regret it. It has been my dream rig since Jr. High and I didn't think I'd ever sell it. I've spent a lot of time maintaining it but I've only had the time to take it on a few mild trails. Its a third vehicle and I don't drive it very often now. It used to be my daily driver for the first 10 of 11 years I've owned it. It's been the most reliable vehicle I've owned.

189k miles
-All OEM parts used where applicable thru CDan and Onur.
-TRD Supercharger installed at 140k
-Fuel injectors cleaned and balanced by witch hunter and new OEM FPR installed
-HG replaced by the Lexus dealer by the PO around 100k IIRC
-All hoses changed with OEM except for the PHH which is silicone with constant tensioner clamps
-Every pulley replaced at 140k
-New wires/plugs/and dizzy cap at 140k
-No CEL codes
-EGR bypassed to prevent overheating the rear cylinder and resistor mod done but EGR equipment is intact so it passes visual inspection. I never had any EGR issues or codes, this was done only for prevention of #6 cylinder HG overheating.
-Blue hub fan clutch with 10k silicon
-cooling system throughly flushed and maintained every 20k miles.
-Never had any overheating issues with the supercharger even while driving in AZ for 3 years.
-Hood louver
-Rotella Synthetic oil changed every 6k miles
-Transmission fluid exchanged 30k miles ago
-Front axle rebuild at 145k- no leaks, birds were in good shape, no clicking.
-Center diff lock switch w 7 pin mod
-OME mediums with 1" front spacer
-Toyo open country 295 tires with ~40% tread
-ARB winch bumper (never had a winch installed)
-BIOR sliders
-4x4 labs dual swing out rear bumper
-Wild yotes roof rack with Mule clamps
-Camping lab large RTT (6 nights spent in it)
-second battery tray installed but didn't finish installing the rest of the kit. I'm not sure if I know where the rest of it is.
-A-pillar pod with boost gauge and transmission temp gauge
-George's overhead LED's and map light
-Scion Pioneer MP3 player
-3rd row seats included

The bad:
-Driver side seat starting to pull apart at seam.
-DS rear flare has some paint chipping
-some surface rust on undercarriage, mainly on the rear axle but pretty clean overall.
-surface rust on rear bumper wings
-rear rotors worn, will include OEM reman calipers, rotors and pads.

Will include rubber window seals and a variety of other parts that I find around the garage.

Please let me know of you have any questions. Runs and drives as it should and is an overall solid and well maintained rig.

Located in Spokane, WA

Asking 12k

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