For Sale 1997 LX450 - Seattle, WA

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United States
I have a 1997 LX450 for sale. Owned it since 7/2011, ready to move on to something newer.

178,336 miles.

The good:
Has lockers, and center diff lock switch mod.
Front axle rebuilt in 2012.
New rear brake rotors and pads. I also have front rotors and pads, just haven't put them on, they are included.
Recent transmission flush.
New spark plugs.
Tires are good. Spare is good.
Everything works.

The bad:
Leaks oil (probably front crank seal and rear main), have to add a half quart or so every few weeks.
Power steering pump is leaking.
Minor accident in Sept 2014, passenger side rear door and body. Insurance covered it and it was fixed.

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Pictures? Rust?

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