1997 LX450 in Houston, TX $7500

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Posting this first on IH8MUD since you guys have been good to me over the last 7 years with info/help, and i would prefer it go to an enthusiast before I subject myself to the craigslist/ebay scam potentials :)

Overall this truck has been a fantastic vehicle. Cosmetically, it isn't cherry, but it isn't a dog either. When I bought it, i ran a carfax, but I can't remember if I am the 2nd or 3rd owner (bought from a toyota dealer in north Houston). Nothing in the carfax looked scary, if i recall correctly it was a California truck originally.

1997 Lexus LX450
-143K miles
-bought in 2002 at 72K miles
-Added bug deflector
-Added fog lights
-Added Borla exhaust
-Added Sony headunit (stock Lexus premium sound amp, speakers, and subwoofer still sound great)
-Added Harmon Kardon ipod controller (just plug in your ipod in and control it with the knob on the console and display mounted on the dash)
-Very new tires (michelin ltx m/s)
-Gets consistent 14-15 mpg on regular unleaded
-Have original leather 3rd row seats (not currently installed, but easy to do)
-Does NOT have the locking differentials option
-Has a trailer hitch, the only thing I've used it for is a folding storage rack.

1) Mobil 1 every 5k miles
2) all fluids flushed including driveline at 100K miles, synthetic where appropriate
3) belts and hoses at 100K
4) replaced orig shocks with LC shocks ~115K (bought from CDan)

1)VSV unit went bad the 2nd day I owned it. valve is a common failure, not critical, but causes Check Engine light.
2)Head gasket went at 109K miles (or 1000 miles after my warranty expired, yay). very common failure on this motor as I discovered here at the forums. my shop used the improved gasket, did a valve job and did the water pump while in there.
3)Passenger rear window blew out while driving (flying rock?). replaced with OEM glass

1) (my fault) Front end accident took out bumper, grill and headlights...work done at Bill Heard Chevy. minor straightening of front fenders and hood
2) (other guy at fault) driver side front end accident took out bumper grill and a headlight. work done at Bill Heard Chevy again.

1)blower fan squeals occasionally...noise does not appear to be the compressor (noise stays even when compressor is off)
2)driver side foglight contacts work loose (at the light housing)
3)paint used for second repair of front bumper wasn't prepped well and large area of paint has come off side bumper (plastic) piece. I think Bill Heard went bankrupt.
4)Leather has some wear especially on driver side
5)I park this thing anywhere, so the sun/rain/wind, other drivers and shopping carts haven't been kind to it. no serious dings tho'
6)Due for a brake job.
7)It's been squealing occasionally at low speeds (foot off brake) but no vibration, so the suspect is something rubbing the axle(s), not bearings.
8)The borla is loud. I like it, wife hates it.
9)a plastic newspaper bag transferred ink onto the rear seat leather. I have tried cleaning with lexol products (no luck), but have been afraid to try anything more aggressive
10)passenger side air vent trim has come loose, not sure if something broke yet or just unclipped
11)driver side air vent is loose
12) pass seat threw a plastic screw so power movement (forward/aft) is wonky. have the screw, haven't investigated further yet

pics to follow
PM with questions
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