For Sale 1997 LX450 gold/tan for sale asking $12, 500 OBRO

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United States
1997 LX450 gold/tan for sale asking $8, 500 OBRO

Austin , TX. based 1997 LX450 with Gold/tan interior, which received a NEW engine this year. The rig has 184k mi on the clock, and engine has maybe 50,000 mi on it. I can get exact mileage for the transplant mechanic if you request it. No mechanical issues with swap, engine isn't rebuilt to my knowledge (esp with 50k mi), no suspension issues either with lifting system, no issues with 4WD transfer. Brakes in great shape and rear pads are new. Great 6 disc stereo and all interior electric features 100% with the exception of a slow window in the rear. Jumpseats in 3d row in great shape. Leather in good shape throughout, except for the leather center console armrest where the driver's arm sits and steering wheel. Front bumper caps need some love......Tires are new this year. This LX450 is a highway only truck, and needs to go to a loving home. Gas mileage is not compatible with my job.......... PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU GOT 'EM! NEED PICS? JUST ASK! Service records can be obtained upon request. I'll post more interior photos and add more info shortly. Carfax available upon request.

DISCLAIMER-Please have your damn mechanic inspect the rig before you buy it as there is no implied warranty of merchantability with sale (AS IS, WHERE IS for you lucky non-lawyers) and if you need a local mechanic to do so prior to purchase I will arrange it, at your cost, as is vehicle transport to your location.







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Nice truck.

I think some more details about the new engine would be very helpful.
Why did it need a new engine?
Was it new or rebuilt. I f new were did it come from?
If rebuilt was it upper or lower or both?
A pic of the engine would also be nice.
JD-Agreed, more pics coming asap and my service records as well, gotta go to Vegas in an hour.......added the engine replacement info....
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real nice rig. good luck with the sale>>>

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