1997 LX450 for sale 86k miles

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*SOLD* 1997 LX450 for sale 86k miles, Northern California (photos)

Man, I hate to do this, but a truck would really suit my needs better. Here it goes, I will snap some pics soon and even sooner if there is interest.

1997 Lexus LX 450, 86K original miles. Green with dark grey exterior, biege interior. Perfect interior very,very minor issues out (small nicks or scratches). Full maintenance documentation from day 1 including window sitcker etc. Originally purchased in So Cal, in Cal all of it's life. Little or no off-roading insite of the mods.

Factory lockers with CDL and 7 pin mod. OME 2.5 lift, med in back, heavy in front, shocks and steering stab. BFG 33's, Hanna Sliders, ARB front winch bumper with M8000 winch, all wired up and working.

This is a very,very clean, low mileage example of an LX450 9 of 10, inside and out. No stains, no ripped seats, no rust, very well maintained and records to prove it. All synthetic fluids used. Has all the 1997 Lexus options and everything works. It has been owned by previous MUD member who can vouch for the quality of this vehicle. This is for the person who is looking for an excellent example with no issues.

$16,900 OBO.

If interested, please call for photos, I will be posting some up soon either way. You can also call me.work 916-638-6603 or at home at 916-817-8826

Thank you, Nick
IMG_1361 (2).JPG
IMG_1362 (2).JPG
IMG_1365 (2).JPG
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What kind of truck are you interested in? Would you consider a trade?
Yes I would.... '02-'04 GMC/Chevy 4 door diesel, short bed. I'd kick in some cash to make the deal.
couple more photos:
IMG_1369 (2).JPG
Few more things

Has the JDM cup holder, rubber mats that have kept the original floor mats in excellent condition and the factory 6 disc changer works with no problem and includes and extra cartridge.

Thank you,

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ttt, photos now attached
16,900 OBO?! i bought the exact same vehicle stock for 13,400 in Oklahoma. i think somebody got hosed.
16,900 OBO?! i bought the exact same vehicle stock for 13,400 in Oklahoma. i think somebody got hosed.

why do people feel the need to bash? if you don't have something to say that adds value to the thread or the forum, then what is the point? everyone has access to kbb.com and nada.com if they want to compair prices. next time you feel the need to bash, go kick your dog, or throw your cat off of the roof, but please spare us. :mad:
16,900 OBO?! i bought the exact same vehicle stock for 13,400 in Oklahoma. i think somebody got hosed.

Man, you are a jackass!:flipoff2: If you think about it, you got hosed. The buyer of my LX paid $16,700 and got $4-5k in mods which he was thrilled with. So if you put $4k on top of your $13,400 for a vehicle out of Oklahoma, my buyer got a deal.... or you got screwed!!! and I highly doubt you bought the exact same vehicle.... my maintenance and records prove it.

Here is another thing. The first day I posted I got three serious responses, the first guy to look at it, bought it.

I just don't understand why someone would spoil someone else's purchase with stupid and thoughtless comments.

Good by to all the good mud members..... going to pick up my GMC D/max, see ya,

Oh, and I just read jackass's previous posts.... no lockers on your LX huh? :crybaby: Sorry sucker, enough said.
Unbelievable.....Once again....Nothing like some trying to undermine someone trying to sell his truck on the list. WTF??? You know, it's no wonder why I have tried to sell stuff and people quote what they bought "theirs" for...and forces the loss of the sale because someone throws out some number saying "this is what it's worth".. God almighty.......we all know the value of our own cruisers....we don't need anyone's help.

Don't let senorscott pull your chain. I'm window shopping for an 80 series and yours was priced low for what the buyer got. Many of what I have been seeing, in the price range of your 80, all have 30 to 50k more on the odometer and none of the accessories. Senorscott failed to mention what the mileage was on the 80 he bought or its over all condition. In my opinion, you sold a sweet ride at a deal of a price.:cheers:


Okie Prices VS. CA prices......... Ya prolly similar. :confused:

Whoa, Nick, I'm surprised you sold it. I think the buyer got a great deal.
Yea, I bought 2 quads, one for me and one for my daugher. After dragging them around with the LX and on a trailer, I was envious of those that could just throw them in the back of their trucks. Plus with the diesel, I will get better gas mileage.... diesel is 'only' $2.99 here in Sacramento, CA.

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