SOLD 1997 Lexus LX450 TN 3x 341k- $8k FIRM

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX450
Tennessee United States
Update 3/9/22 Asking $9,000 obo.

Looking to sell finally.
I've had it for 5 yrs? Basic maintenance, fluid changes last year, new brake booster, rebuilt master cylinder, new power steering pressure line, resealed top end of engine, plus oil pump seals. Rebuilt the original power steering pump, upgraded the starter to a new 2kw cold spec starter, did the gamviti seat gears on the pass side, need to do the drivers side now. New window regulator on drivers side....replaced seals and wipers on front axle knuckles, repacked bearings, filled knuckles with new grease. Replaced front driveshaft u joints. About 4 years ago i swapped axles from a locked lx450 into this one. Full axle swap front, and just did the 3rd member on the rear to keep my rust-less rear axle. All wired with factory harness, ecu, and switch. Replaced rear locker motor due to non functioning. New Pioneer speakers all around. Removed factory subwoofer and CD changer due to not working. Replaced antenna .Everything replaced with the exception of the window motor has been Denso, Toyota, or Seiken brand. Oh the front knuckle stuff was from Cruiser Outfitters. Extended OEM brake lines. Replaced shocks all around with OEM. OME 2.5" springs. General Grabber 315-75-16 tires with good tread still, and a full size spare as well. Off-roaded once by me at Windrock if you are familiar with it. I'm sure I've forgotten something but that is most of it. Original engine and head gasket.

NO CEL. NO hacks or bypasses.

Uses about a quart between oil changes. Smokes on startup sometimes from valve seals. Uses no coolant. Did the PHH last time I did the coolant flush. Original windshield and gasket. No water leaks. Sunroof works fine.

Only thing that I have done since I last posted this is I removed the roof rack due to water intrusion, and sealed the holes with weatherstrip sealant.

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