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Oct 27, 2007
I purchased this truck from a gentleman in Virginia about two months ago. It has been my daily driver everyday since.

The check engine light was on so I took it to a Toyota dealership in Alexandria, VA. The master mechanic performed a full diagnostic test on it for me. He concluded that the light is on due to a couple different sensors that have gone bad... I'll post better clarity tomorrow since i still have the documentation of his findings. He assured me that it had nothing to do with the performance of drivability of the truck and that it was not critical that it be takencare of right away. He did mention that the truck's front axle had leaked some.

So, I purchased the truck and drove it 600 miles back to GA without incident. The temp and oil pressure guages inicated nothing out of the ordinary. This past Easter weekend I drove the truck home to Alabama 300 miles one-way and rented a small 4x8 uhaul trailor to bring back a piece of furniture to Georgia. again the truck performed flawlessly.

So, I owe everyone better clarity on the findings of the mechanic. The truck has some rust (look at photos) but nothing bad at all. The paint overall looks great (except for that spot above the windshield). The interior is in great shape... no tears in the leather... carpet in good shape... pics tell the story. Engine looks fantastic. Truck runs GREAT. Tranmission shifts GREAT. NO leaks in my garage! No smells or noises at all... Dark Green / two-tone leather.

Truck is stock. new tires in rear. good tires in front. all perelli scorpions. all collector edition emblem intact, even the original floormats.
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Sep 14, 2003
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I delted the for sale comments there is an ad in classifieds. You may discuss the technical codes and issues here to fix them or I can delete the thread.

Normally after you buy a new truck a sensor will trigger the light (likely P0401) and the axle will show signs of leaking. Thats the result of the PO not keeping up on the maintenance. These problems can be fixed rather cheaply. The Front axle requires a rebuild every 60K to 100K miles and is easy just messy and time consuming. $200 to do it yourself or $1300 for a shop.

This first thing anyone should do is bring the maintenance up to speed and then the truck should be reliable for years.

Anyone buying a used land cruiser should expect to put in $200-$500 if the do there own work to baseline a vehicle and bring it up to speed. Most PO's haven't kept up with maintenance in the last 60K miles
May 28, 2004
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baseline as previously stated by Romer.
Aug 22, 2005
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Wow, what is up with all that rust at the top of the windshield? That is a shame on an otherwise nice truck.

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