For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Toyota Landcruiser - Texas

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
253,929 Miles
NOT triple locked - NOT!!!
OME 2" lift
BFG 285 70 R17
Bowfin Cruiser Roof Rack
Snorkle with a small crack on it at the base

Far east side of Dallas Texas.


I have pulled the CarFax on this truck today and can provide the pdf upon request.


This truck has lived it's whole life in Texas and is very much rust free. The photos below of the underside show some minor rust on leading edges and surface rust on the exhaust. The rest of what you see is Texas clay that I get from my weekly drive to go help build a local mountain bike trail.

Heat and A/C work well, thank goodness because this is Texas!

I've fixed a few issues that either existed when I got the truck or have come up. The biggest one was the leak at the large nut on top of the power steering pump. I decided to just hit it all and replaced the pump, the high pressure line, and installed the Wits-End Derale power steering cooler kit that comes with all the low pressure hoses as well, which were needed. It also got a brand new (expensive) power steering pump gear.


I pulled apart both front seats and replaced the stripped worm gears from Gamiviti.


New windshield washer diverter and sprayers.



I've replaced a few odd missing/damaged interior panel pieces and clips here and there as well.

Duralast Platinum AGM Battery 24F-AGM Group Size 24F 710 CCA about a year ago

I have a large stack of extensive service records most from it's early owners.


The truck has been fully repainted except for the roof and hood. According to the previous owner, apparently there was an issue at a high school football game where the truck was keyed all the way around and insurance covered the repaint. Hood and roof have normal weathering hence the large black sticker on the hood.

I've taken this truck offroad exactly one time at Barnwell Mountain and decided I'd rather be on the motorcycle instead.


So we have decided to sell this to get something for long haul family trips that can still handle mild offroad stuff and are looking to move to a Sequoia.


Mud, not rust as I keep driving on a muddy dirt road to get to our local mountain bike trail for trail maintenance. I pressure washed it and there's still sticky mud there, no time to scrub the undercarriage.




Some minor rust on the leading edge of the front axle.



Front seats have wear and some minor tears and cracks.



Second row is in really good condition, no third row.


I also have boxes of extra parts and quite a few windows the previous owner added into the deal along with the service manuals.

I have more photos at my smugmug page here -> 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser - Jasen Hicks -

If you need photos of anything, let me know.
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That's a gorgeous truck. If I wasn't in the middle of two other projects I would buy it in a heartbeat!

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