Wanted 1997 fj80 supercharger wanted

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Oct 1, 2012
Dallas, Tx
United States
I am back in the USa and working on my 1997 lx450. I am trying to fix my supercharger. The charger itself is in great shape but I have a broke intake housing / riser / plenum for it. I am looking for a complete ( can be burnt up) supercharger assembly off of a 1993 to 1997 fj80. I really need the brackets etc to fix this install. I pulled the parts off of a friends rolled truck but not all are in useable shape. PM if you have any or know of one in a yard some where.

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So no bites? ideas thoughts I need the non supercharger , supercharger parts...... 93-97 should be the same I believe.....
Any sugestions out there of yards or parts suppliers to get ahold of for this? I have called around a bunch and got no where. Toyota will only sell me the whole kit. Just need parts. Anyone have a worn out one?
Weekend bump, still looking.
Hmmm I am willing to wait I guess ... Anyone got ideas yet.

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