For Sale 1997 80 series Locked axles and engine.

Aug 6, 2021
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Factory locked frt and rear axles . complete, brakes, wiring harness's oem locker switch for the dash these axles have everything .. $2500 for the pair . Higher Mileage 250k ish fzfe engine . complete with tranny and wiring harness. engine is leak free Guy said he did the head gasket at 200K but had no paper work showing it done. $1500 The rig was bought for the body. so I do not know anything more about it than is posted here. I did drive it 6 hours to get it back to Co . engine and tranny worked perfect . axles do have some slight rust on them nothing a few hours and a wire wheel won't fix. Located in Delta Co.. . Pictures of axles coming soon. Will load with fork lift on to your shippers rig. Sorry guys I am to busy to play with shipping costs for tire kickers, Try



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